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I've set-up a mailing list for those who would like to be informed of any major news. For example, if I've just escaped from been kidnapped by Swedish backpackers or perhaps have just broken an arm after getting into a brawl at a nudist colony. Or maybe just to let you know I've finally updated the website after a long break.

The mailing list is of course completely non-commercial (it's called fun) and your address will not be disclosed. Mail is expected to be rare (less than once a month)

To automatically subscribe, simply send a blank email to akerlist-subscribe@akerz.com. To unsubscribe at any time, send an email to akerlist-unsubscribe@akerz.com

Mike 'Akerz' Akerman

Akerman Alliance Australia Pty Ltd
PO Box 470, Cannington
Western Australia 6987

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