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Akerz Does Australia

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Akerdiary - Akerz Does Australia, Days 41 - 50

Day 41 - Friday 17th August (Rocky Pool)

Possible change of journal/blog writing technique now. Thinking I may need to write 2 journals, one where I can write whatever the hell I want in and a brief censored one for the internet world. Instead, I've so far been writing a load of crap that is somewhere in between. My personal journals are to be sold at auction by Sotherbys in the year 2080 with proceeds of course, going to the Mike Akerman foundation.

This morning we went for a looong walk east up the Gascoyne River to the point where we could no longer see any trace of human footprints. Sun was blaring on the shallow wide river so it was the perfect opportunity to get the gear off and work on my all over tan. Was awesome. Felt like we had a whole country to ourselves. I had a dip in the knee deep water, worked on the tan and repeated.

The long walk built up a couple of appetites and it was after 1pm by the time we got back. I whacked together some risochos which was made from left over tomato rissoto, a jar of salsa, jar of corn and mixed together over corn chips with avocado on top. Served at room/van temperature. Not bad at all.

We are still unsure about the wildlife in Rocky Pool. We both reckon it's perfect habitat for crocs so have been waiting to see other people swimming in there first. Anyway, I went for a turn paddling in the boat after Snichy survived a quick trip. I sailed over to the bank on the other side to see the Swallow's nests until I saw something that very much resembled a crocs head surface at the water and head downstream. I looked closer and it turned to face me... I paddled as fast as I could to the sandy river bank and scrambled up, getting soaked in the process. Then in my attempt to run away I ended up waist deep in quick sand, just about disappearing before managing to pull myself out. I had a closer look at the crocs head and could still not decipher whether it was a croc or just a bit of wood. If it was a croc, it didn't look big enough to drag me down or take me on but who knows, all I could see was the tip of the iceberg. I tried to throw stones at it but couldn't make it move again. It looked like it was waiting for one of the swallows to get close enough for it to... well, swallow.

Anyway, still alive to face another night. We'll probably move on to Kennedy Ranges in the morning and then head back to banana town on Monday.

Croca Diem Baby -Akerz

Day 42 - Saturday 18th August (Rocky Pool, Kennedy Ranges)

I failed to mention on Thursday that Snichy had left the car on while I was gone for a few hours and I didn't notice until late that night. I'll mention it now because as we went to leave this morning, the Akervan wouldn't start! The dual battery system was completely dead. Good thing there was people around to help because the powerpack didn't have enough juice to start it either. After several other methods failed, we ended up having to get a tow to jump start it.

Knowing we were going to repitch the tent, I didn't exactly bother to pack it all up... rather just pulled the pegs out of the ground and folded it all up... bedding and all! It didn't quite fit in the back of the Akervan but I only had to let down one of the air beds to squeeze it in (yes, I tried to shove it in without even deflating them). At our new camp in the Kennedy Ranges, all I had to do was slide it out and peg it back down.

After the three hours to drive here, we had a good look around. We got some goss on some burrowing bees that had surfaced nearby so we went and had a look at the huge buzzers. Apparently they rarely come out of the ground so it wasn't a sight seen everyday. We heard some University was sending up a team to investigate since it was so rare. Meh.

Had a bit of a mishap on a rocky hill and the cutlery draw flew out and smashed to pieces on the floor of the Akervan. Doh! Not only was there cutlery in there but a myriad of other paraphernalia as well. It's gonna need a lot of Akerepairs that one, have found alternative storage for now left that job for another day.

There is about 10 lots of campers here at the moment, all old couples. Fair bit of socialising going on but we are the young lonely outcasts once again. There is no campfires allowed except a communal campfire in the middle of the ground which is kinda cool.

Will stay here for the weekend and head back to Banana Town on Monday morning.

Day 43 - Sunday 19th August (Kennedy Ranges)

Nice sunny day here in the Kennedy Ranges. We explored the walk trail at Drapers Gorge which took us up the cliffs just a bit and past several water holes to a final one with a dry waterfall (if there is such a thing). Read, wrote and relaxed after lunch before playing cards with Snich.

The Bee Team is here and I casually asked one of them whether these bees make honey etc (which they don't). I think there is four of them, all youngish and apparently they're filming for a BBC documentary to be aired in a year or two. I thought it was a group of uni students coming but it's more of a film crew.

I knew (or presumed) that no campfires were allowed here and since we'd run out of gas, I actually cooked two meals ahead while at Rocky Pool. Snichy on the otherhand, thought she'd try make rissotto on the communal campfire tonight so I went and got it started for her. The camp manager 'Drummond' came to inspect and sat down for a yarn and then others came and joined us as well. We retreated to the Akervan to eat but by the time we got back to the campfire, just about every camper was sitting around having a drink and a laugh. Was really good to mingle in and share the campfire with a bunch of random Aussies. Two of the Bee Crew came down to toast marshmallows so we weren't the only ones there under 40. A lot of crude jokes, tall stories and travel adventures were shared. Just about everyone had drank a few so was hilarious. One old geezer who seemed to have been going along with everyone else, admitted his inebriation after a couple of hours and goes "geez, I wish I was sober... then I'd know what you've all been talking about". Hahahaha! Ok, so maybe you had to be there.

Snichy's charcoal flavoured rissotto was edible but we've had to throw my pot out, I think there was more rice burnt to the sides than what we actually ate.

Photo or two today...

The Temple Gorge Campsite and communal campfire Akerz at Honeycomb Gorge - Kennedy Ranges Akerz and Snichy at Honeycomb Gorge - Kennedy Ranges How is this for a poo with a view? There is actually a pit dunny provided at the Temple Gorge Campsite. Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park Kennedy Ranges National Park

Day 44 - Monday 20th August (Kennedy Ranges, Banana Town, Miaboolya Beach)

Busy day today, got up early to go see the sunrise from 'sunrise view' just 5kms up the track a bit. We then packed everything up or rather, just threw it all in the Akervan and headed back to Carnarvon. Three hours later after short stops at Gascoyne Junction, Thong Tree and Boot Camp, we made it back to the big smoke. Snichy's turn to make lunch... so we had Chicken Treat, hehe (it was soy chicken, ok?). After buying petrol, we went to the shop (wine & beer), then the shop (groceries), then the shop (camp store), then the shop (electrical store), then the shop (motoring store), then the shop (hardware store) and then another shop I think. After spending just $30 for the entire previous week, I've now made up for it with todays spending. We filled up our water supplies and have now camped at Miaboolya Beach behind the sand dunes. Mossies are everywhere here... I think Miaboolya must be an Aboriginal word for Mosquito.

Day 45 - Tuesday 21st August (Carnarvon)

Busy day again today, we ditched the mosquitoes at Miaboolya Beach and have come into the big smoke and are nested in the huge Wintersun Tourist Park (I recommend this place). I've just had my first proper shower for two weeks, feeling very clean. Strangely enough, it's the first time we've paid for 'accommodation' for a couple of weeks also. Paying for the shower, toilets and electricity really, it's byo accommodation.

Went on another small spending spree, I think the contents of the Akervan now double the cost of the van itself. Still yet to buy a TV, Solar Panels or Satellite Dish.

I lost the damn cover for the external power point on the Akervan. Followed our path through town trying to find it but no luck. Bugger.

Day 46 - Wednesday 22nd August (Carnarvon)

Spent most of today at the laptop catching up on things...

The tourist park here was hosting a sausage sizzle and a band was playing etc, so we got 'tickets' for that and rocked up to join all the oldies. We just happened to sit next to the second youngest couple there who were in there 50s rather than 80s or 90s like everybody else. Snichy managed to spill her glass of wine all over the place in front of a packed crowd. Doh! Was a good night... we were into our 4th bottle of wine before the 100 metre walk back to the Akervan. Bit too much alcohol for me, I ended up getting out of bed in the middle of the night to do a techocolour yawn... except it was all red rather than being technocolour. The toilet looked like someone had emptied a few large tins of mashed beetroot in there.

A round of applause for Snichy please folks... and a taxi Dont you just hate it when you do something stupid and someone pulls out a camera? Been almost a year since I ate a proper sausage. I got my $3 worth tonight This guy played a few tributes to JC (Johnny Cash) which was awesome

Day 47 - Thursday 23rd August (Carnarvon)

Recovery day today, we didn't really move until lunch time. Had fish n chips on the beach near the one mile jetty. Went to hire a dvd and they wanted us to sign up and leave a $60 deposit etc just for one dvd! So pffft, we went over the road to another joint and bought one. We'll be watching Sickle (Z grade horror) in the tent/bedroom tonight.

Might do a few touristy things here tomorrow and then head north (finally).

Oh, just remembered... you know I mentioned that really crap Big Banana they have here? When we came back from Kennedy Ranges, driving back into Carnarvon I was like 'hang on, where is the big banana?'. The stupid thing had blown over or fallen down and was nested up against a fence. Hahahahhahhahahahahahahhahha.

Day 48 - Friday 24th August (Carnarvon)

Ok... so we are still in Carnarvon. We are definitely going tomorrow!

We spent the day doing the touristy things as planned. We went and saw the big dish, drove through the plantations, laughed at the big banana, walked around town, ate frozen chocolate bananas, fished off the one mile jetty etc. We can now gladly ditch this joint.

Spending again today... I found some solar panels at Repco so I made a little investment there.

The Big Dish, the Akervan and Akerz Anyone for a choc banana? Snichy being trailed by the Coffee Pot train No, thats not my bait, its catch of the day.

Day 49 - Saturday 25th August (Carnarvon, Blowholes, Quobba, Red Bluff, Lyndon River)

After again laughing at the big banana and stocking up with veggies at the markets, we finally said bye bye to banana town and hello blow holes. From the blow holes, we drove up to the Quobba Homestead which didn't look like much so we drove the extra 60kms to Red Bluff. Turned out to be a long journey as the road leading there is really craptacular. Was bumpy as anything and the Akervan just about shook to pieces. I was salivating at the thought of my chicken, cheese, avocado rolls all the way there but we ended up eating fly sandwiches. Being a true blue dinky di Aussie, I thought I could handle a lot of flies but nah, this was shocking. I think the old hobbos that live there breed flies by the millions so visitors quickly turn around and leave (which is exactly what we did). Red Bluff was very scenic but the flies and roads were really bad. There is stray car parts on the road side all the way to Red Bluff which have obviously fallen off on the way. The brochures about the area make it all sound really wonderful but it turns out they are just red bluffing.

You can't drive north from Red Bluff, you have to drive all the way back to near Carnarvon to get back onto the M1. We found a nice secluded beach on the way back which was fly free and perfect for a quick dip and soak in the sun. We then went back past the blow holes to the campsite just 1km south where there was heaps of people, probably about 40 lots of campers. Then back to the M1 and north about 140kms where we camped (legally) on the roadside at Lyndon River.

Laughing at Carnarvon´s Big Banana Scenery near the Blowholes, just north of Carnarvon Akerz at the blowholes Akerz giving a deadly king wave to the camera Red Bloody Fly Bluff

Day 50 - Sunday 26th August (Lyndon River, Coral Bay)

Now, this is what I'm talking about! Wasn't sure what to expect here at Coral Bay but it's awesome. There isn't really any residential housing here, just two massive caravan parks and a couple of other accommodation places. Everything was pretty much booked out apart from one unpowered bay on the beach front. woohoo. Time to unwrap my 50th day present from Repco which was a shiny, sexy, solar panel. Also time to grab the snorkel kits I got in Carnarvon and go for a swim. Was about 30 degrees today with not a cloud in sight... the water temp was also quite pleasant. There is huge spangled emperors just swimming around in the bay along with a huge variety of colourful fish feeding off the coral. I'm now starting to understand all those damn 'Save Ningaloo' stickers.

Hi Mum, Happy Birthday. We found some Pineapples in Carnarvon for you. -Snichy

Pineapples from Carnarvon
Shiny, sexy, slender solar panel. Coral Bay, south end of Ningaloo Reef Coral Bay at sunset

By the way Snichy reckons it was pretty forecast today. Hahaha.

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