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Akerz Does Australia

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Akerdiary - Akerz Does Australia, Days 31 - 40

Day 31 - 7th August (Denham, Monkey Mia, Hamelin Pool)

Another day in Shark & Monkey land. We left the caravan park in Denham and spent the day back in Monkey Mia. We hired a little glass bottom boat and after an hour on that thing, all we saw apart from sand and seagrass was one tiny fish. Meh. Fun none-the-less. Then onto Peron National Park where they have a hot tub naturally heated from artesian water pumped from underground. Very nice, was about 35 degrees in there. Back through Denham, Shell Beach, Nanga Bay and are now camping tonight at Hamelin Pool.

Probably off to Banana Land tomorrow. Going to restock on supplies and maybe window shop for a big arse tent, another air mattress, fishing rods, metal detector etc... before backtracking to Bush Bay (camping ground just south of Carnarvon).

Day 32 - 8th August (Hamelin Pool, Carnarvon, Bush Bay)

We quickly ditched Hamelin Pool this morning and headed to Carnarvon via a quick stop at the Overlander Roadhouse. First impressions of Carnarvon weren't too good. We visited the tourist bureau and discovered that as far as things to do in Carnarvon goes, there is nothing. This really isn't a tourist town at all. Everything is bolted down so it isn't stolen, the shopping baskets at Woolies had security devices attached to them... even the bumper stickers in the tourist bureau were kept under the counter as if they were jewellery. In an unrelated matter, there was local natives everywhere carrying either alcohol or pushing prams with nothing but trouble written on their faces. Sure enough, they started a big brawl in the shopping centre while we were there and cops came from all directions and started piling them into paddy wagons. Perhaps this town needs assistance from the fantastic David Wirrapunda Foundation rather than Johnny Howard paying them to breed.

We heard about the 'Big Banana' on the radio and we envisioned something like the real Big Banana on the east coast. Carnarvon's attempt at a landmark is a joke. We have to take a photo of it so you can see how crap it is. I'm guessing they made it as crap as they could so nobody would steal it.

After stocking up on food (an overflowing trolley's worth) it was off to the fishing & camping store where I bought a proper tent, a fishing rod etc, card table... and other bits and pieces. Then it was good bye to Carnarvan and back south a tad to Bush Bay where we have set up camp right on the beach. We may be here for a few days and again, have no reception.

I am still getting over the fact that Snichy beat me at chess (I hadn't played for 20 years ok) the other night but am feeling a bit better after beating her at Gin Rummy quadrupling her score. So far to date, she has beaten me at Chess & Beetle (you know that silly kids game where you roll the dice and draw beetle parts going by the number rolled...).

Our new home in Bush Bay - free accommodation, right on the beach. The new tent here looks almost as big as the Akervan!

Day 33 - 9th August (Bush Bay, Near Carnarvon)

2pm - Just popped into Carnarvon to get a signal and check a few things... back to fishing at Bush Bay in a tick.

8pm Was up fishing at sparrows fart this morning. Yes me... Akerz, the part time vegan. But in true vegetarian style, no animals were harmed as I didn't catch a thing. Snichy joined me fishing after breakfast but she didn't have any luck either. We are both getting the hang of baiting (threading) live worms, was a bit squirmish at first. Poor little wormies. Everyone around us was reeling in small whiting so we picked up some tips and Snichy got thrown a heap of small ones that the other guys didn't want. At one stage I was wading out balls deep and a bloody crab crawled up my pants! I got rid of it but he was chasing me trying to get back up there!?! Must have been chasing some warmth? Or maybe he was hoping to find some cousins.

I made a quick dash to banana town to check for any important emails, phone calls etc and to get another fishing rod. Apart from that, we spent pretty much all day fishing for nothing.

Oops, I forgot... I caught one damn blowie early on. It's going straight to the pool room.

Day 34 - Friday 10th August (Bush Bay, Near Carnarvon)

Dear Diary,

Today we fished, had lunch (fish), went fishing, had dinner (fish) and went to bed (fish).

For the record books it was Akerz with 9 whiting and Snichy with 3 (I was out there longer though).

At one stage, I was out a couple of hundred metres wading in knee deep water and heard someone yelling out 'Shark, Shark, over here... Shark'. The guy yelling out was actually out further than me but was on a sand bed and only ankle deep. I didn't know whether to poo my pants or pee my pants so I did neither (plus I figured that would attract the shark). Anyway, long story short, he was calling his bloody dog which was named 'Shar'.

After that crab crawled up my pants yesterday, I had another encounter today. I didn't see it but something tried to bite off one of my toes so I presumed it was a crab. It's a slow process walking through muddy water with thongs on so it took me five minutes to get back to shore... which was a long five minutes walking through salt water with an open wound and a trail of blood behind me to attract sharks (or shars).

Snichy fishing at Busy Bay, just south of Carnarvon Akerz threading worms - poor little wormies Akerz fishing at Busy Bay, just south of Carnarvon Sunset at Bush Bay

Day 35 - Saturday 11th August (Bush Bay, Near Carnarvon)

Yes, I've started writing what day of the week it is (was having trouble keeping up).

Starting to feel right at home here at Bush Bay. We've got beach front accommodation (one big wave would wipe us out) and the freshest of seafood.

We went into the big smoke (Carnarvon) this morning to refill our water tanks and visit the weekly markets to pick up some fresh veggies. Also visited the good ol' camp store again and picked up a 25L water container, solar shower and some 'aqua boots' which are pretty sweet. I can now cruise through the water without worrying about crabs biting me or my thongs coming apart. Snichy has tried out the solar shower already... we left it out in the sun for a couple of hours and then flung it over the top of the Akervan. Worked well enough for her to wash her hair and scrub down. With the new water container, we are now carrying about 75 litres worth so could stay here quite a while without having to move. The people next to us come here for 3 months every year and only go into Carnarvon once a month. Our only problems are power, reception (for phone and laptop) and having somewhere decent to pee and poo! With the reception, last night I checked my phone for the time and noticed it had one bar on it so I moved it around and managed to get up to three bars. Tried it again today but got nothing on phone or laptop. Will have to have another crack tonight.

My star gazing has improved, I can now quickly spot and name several stars and constellations rather than just the Southern Cross and the Saucepan.

We are here for a bit longer and then will move on to either Carnarvon or Rocky Pool (55km east of Carnarvon). Was planning to relax here and write about where I have been so far but have just been fishing most of the time. Today I threw a line in after lunch and caught just one before the tide went out and they stopped biting.

Yada yada yada...

Tallied up expenditure for this week and thanks to all the toys I've bought, we managed to crack the $1000 mark with a total of $1,130 being our record highest so far. We might go for $0 next week as we've got plenty of food, petrol and free accommodation here and at Rocky Pool. Speaking of supplies, we kinda bludged in the big smoke a bit this morning while waiting for the bottle shop to open. hehe. We now have plenty of wine and beer as well.

Day 36 - Sunday 12th August (Bush Bay)

8pm Just finished eating a monster meal of soup with loaves of garlic bread followed by vegan tacos stuffed with spicy beans, pumpkin, celery, zucchini, tomato, avocado and lettuce. Was my turn in the kitchen tonight and thought we were due for something other than pasta or rissoto (and more recently, fish). Taking turns to cook has worked out well, one of us will do breakfast and dinner while the other sorts out lunch. We then swap of course so the trick is to make plenty of food for dinner so lunch is taken care of with left overs. We've since been into town to top up with water but have utilised the ocean to wash our dishes in during daylight.

Today was pretty relaxing after windy night. Out tent seemed like it was going to blow away. Was pretty noisy in there with everything flapping around. At midnight I thought I better get out and check the ocean (no tide charts on board) since we are close enough to get wiped out by one big wave. The way the weather was, it kinda felt like we might wake up floating on our air beds. The tide was well out so I took the opportunity to peg the tent down better while Snichy gave up on the tent and jumped in the Akervan to sleep.

So anyway... today I caught up with some writing and threw a line in once in a while to see if anything was biting. We caught no fish today so no, nothing was biting.

After lunch, we went for a very slow cruise north to the Uendoo creek campsite stopping along the way to take photos of *cough* wildflowers and to poo in privacy (people everywhere at Bush Bay). We saw one of those mountain devil things in the middle of the road so stopped to have a gander at that (photo below). Uendoo Creek was deserted, not a sole in sight. There were no facilities there except for one lonely, stray wheel bin. COuldn't see any access to the beach only a small creek, funnily enough. After Uendoo, we drove back past Bush Bay south to the 'New Beach' campsite which had about 10 lots of campers there (about 25 are at Bush Bay).

Back at camp, Snichy gave me a haircut and then I took to my own hair and hacked it up wildly. Apparently I have bald patches and lines down the side. Meh. What are hats for anyway?

Am trying to think of more stuff to dribble on about because I can't be bothered getting up and doing the big pile of dishes.

Oh, nearly forgot... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!

Mountain Devil we found on the road just north of the Bush Bay campsite Snichy getting a closer look at the Mountain Devil At the Bush Bay hair salon It is the thought that counts, right? - Happy Birthday Dan

Day 37 - Monday 13th August (Bush Bay)

Early start this morning, arose at 5:30 and did a couple of hours typing in the office before my secretary discovered daylight. Again, as with yesterday, I did a small amount of writing inbetween small amounts of fishing. An army of old codgers came and invaded our beach front property development and turned it into a retirement village. Even though the Akervan is parked only 10 metres from the water, we could barely see the ocean thanks to the 4WDs and wrinkled fisher people blocking our view.

Some random old fellas chatted to me briefly as they were wandering past and asked if I was on holidays etc but I told them I was travelling all the way around Australia just casually working from the laptop. Anyway, an hour later, they walk back past and yell out 'How is the stock market going today!?'. Not sure how they deciphered or guessed that I'm a trader/investor as there is a hundred other jobs one can do with nothing but a laptop and the internet. So anyway I mentioned that I can't actually get a signal for the internet out here and one of them said he walked over the nearby hill that morning and was able to make a phone call without drama. Later on I went for a little walk and tested it out... sure enough, as soon as I was over the hill (small mound really), I had four to five bars on my phone. At dusk, I took the laptop up there but couldn't get any signal, damn it! Walked around for ages with the laptop trying to get reception until the battery died and I gave up. Instead, I grabbed the phone and did an ET, speaking to the folks for a bit.

After dinner, Snichy caught me in deep thought and asked what was on my mind. It was of course, thoughts of a cold beer that plagued my thoughts. Our fridge is 'three-way' but have so far only worked out how to use it 'one-way' and that's by plugging it in when we've got power (at a caravan park). The scientist in me came out again and I have now done the following:

  • charged the powerpack from the cigarette lighter with the engine running.
  • plugged the fridge into the powerpack
  • discovered that the bloody bottles of beer don't fit into the freezer compartment.
  • Cut a soy milk carton in half, long ways, and filled it with a small amount of water.
  • Placed this makeshift icetray into the top of the freezer element.
  • Cleaned out a baked bean tin (or one the same size anyway...)
  • Wet the tin and put it under the freezer element.
  • Let the fridge suck the powerpack dry.
  • Taken the tin out and filled it with the icy water from my makeshift icetray.
  • Slid my beer into the tin of icy water to chill
  • waited...

Day 38 - Tuesday 14th August (Bush Bay)

My beer experiment from last night worked well but it took more patience than fishing. Also had to leave the car running for a while as it's the only way I can get power at the moment. Speaking of power, Don from next door (the other side of the bushes) gave us a tour of his motorhome this morning which is equipped with several solar panels, a generator and deep cycle batteries. Something I may need to look into.

We spent a good part of the afternoon fishing again but I only caught one while Snichy reeled in three.

Over dinner, after several beers and two bottles of wine, I had a discussion with myself regarding the origins of the expression 'Shiver me Timbers'. Was it the pirates wooden leg or the boat that supposedly shivered?

Not sure what happened to Carping Diem (sic). I've been here for a week doing nothing... must be time to move on.

Day 39 - Wednesday 15th August (Bush Bay, Carnarvon, Rocky Pool)

2pm - In Banana Town for a few hours at the mile long jetty. About to head east to Rocky Pool to camp tonight. Am contemplating going east all the way to Mt Augustus but I might just go to the Kennedy Range National Park, Gascoyne Junction and then turn back to the coast (I wouldn't be able to survive without electricity and internet).

9pm - Stop watch went on at 7:30 this morning and we were on the road again by 9:30 so only took a couple of hours to pack everything up (tent, beds, bedding, tables, chairs, water containers, fishing rods etc), have breakfast and get ready. Back off to banana town now.

After refilling with water (public tap at the information bay for those following us) we went down to the mile long jetty (as I've mentioned 6 hours ago). I clocked in a few hours on the laptop sorting out a few loose ends with clients etc. Still obviously have a lot of writing and photos to upload.

I have now repitched my new tent at the Rocky Pool campsite. Some old dude here at 6pm played the last post on a trumpet. Not sure what that signified but my three guesses were:

  • Time for his wife to climb down from the tree and make him dinner.
  • Happy hour has begun and everyone is invited to come round for a cold beer.
  • He's a war veteran just blowing his own trumpet.

Pretty boring day I guess. Besides trying to light up my farts, the other highlight was Snichy making damper on a campfire. Vedy nice, how much?.

Day 40 - Thursday 16th August (Rocky Pool)

Excuse the coffee stains on the page, Snichy just spilt it everywhere... but of course you can't really see them on the intermanet-thingo can you?

Not much carping diem again today but I did get up at the semi-usual 5:30 to do some typing. It's easier to get that out the way in the morning while the light is dim and I can actually see the screen without having to use much power. Also it's Snichy free time as she'll sleep in till 7:30 or later. After this mornings effort, I have now typed up all the bog blogs to date and organised all the photos ready to be uploaded next time we run into some internet reception.

I did some gardening this morning, replanting a small collection of wildflowers at our doorstep. That wasn't much of a success so I instead filled a tin of baked beans with various flowers and made a nice little arrangement for our dinner table.

Before lunch, I tried my hand at bird watching and found it takes more patience than fishin or chilling beer. I need a decent camera (with good zoom) to take photos of them. The flies got to me after a while so I retreated to the tent/bedroom to match up my photos with the birds in my bird book. It was so exciting that I fell asleep and woke up a couple of hours later to find Snichy spying on me.

Akerissoto and wine for dinner again, followed by caramel mouse with bananas. Mmmm...

It's not bad here at Rocky Pool, I might give it another day/night. I think Snichy would prefer to move at a faster pace since she's only a got a couple of months to travel but me, I've got 65 years so am taking my time to soak it all in.

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