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Ellendale Pool Camping Ground
Ellendale Pool Camping Ground - click to enlarge

Ellendale Pool Camping Ground
Shire of Greenough, Western Australia

Ellendale Pool is a picturesque camping ground less than an hours drive south-east of Geraldton, Western Australia in the shire of Greenough. Flushing toilets (ladies, mens & disabled), kids playground, picnic tables and free barbecues are all available along side Ellendale Pool (part of the Irwin River). A maximum of 7 days camping is permitted here at any one time. Bring $5 per night for the Ranger to collect (see clear instructions as you drive in). Ellendale Pool is a body of water which kisses a huge limestone cliff face. No drinking water is available although there are taps and an outside beach style shower. The water in Ellendale Pool itself can be susceptible to Amoebic Meningitis in the warm weather so any swimming should be done with caution and at your own risk.

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Review of Ellendale Pool Camping Ground by Akerz - 16th July, 2007.
This is what I'm talking about! Ellendale Pool is the perfect place to kick back and relax for a few days. We pitched a tent next to the Akervan for sleeping so our office and dining room didn't have to be converted to a bedroom for a couple of nights.

Damn shame we never ended up getting an inflatable kayak as this would be an awesome spot for a paddle. We are here in the middle of winter and although it was uncomfortably cold one morning, the days have been superb. I even had a quick dip in the water which was quite refreshing after sun backing amongst the trees. About 30 other people have come and gone while we've been here at Ellendale Pool with some staying overnight and most just here for a bbq lunch and a gaZe at the awesome scenery. I can imagine that this place would be rather popular during the summer months.

We had no phone reception or Next G signal here at Ellendale Pool so I quite gladly packed up the laptop and turned the phone off for a couple of days or so.

Elledale Pool Campsite, awesome spot to stop. Carpe Diem Baby -Akerz.

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More information on Shire of Greenough, Western Australia/Ellendale Pool Camping Ground can be found at this website.

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